Content Management with Apache Jackrabbit

In General on 2007-07-03 by Jukka Zitting

Last week I was at the Jazoon conference and gave a presentation on Content Management with Apache Jackrabbit. It was a nice conference and I think my message was well received.

Lately I’ve been focusing more and more on JCR and content repositories as an “extended file system” instead of comparisons with relational databases or similar technologies. I find that if you see your content repository as a transactional, searchable, and observable file system with cool stuff like fine-grained content modeling capabilities, you end up with much better content models than if you think of the repository as a database with hierarchy as an added feature.


5 Responses to “Content Management with Apache Jackrabbit”

  1. Hey, how about Slidesharing the presentation? Much nicer than having to fire up OpenOffice to read it. See for example:

  2. Nice post Jukka !

    I have designed a publishing application for a big media company recently using Jackrabbit, and I was thinking that for the version 2.0 changing the model according to what you’ve said in those slides. Perhaps use less links for examples.

    Thanks a lot again.

  3. […] slides. There also exists a web based explorer for Jackrabbit. Some light on Amazon simpledb. This […]

  4. Nice work. Thanks! I am still learning more about Jackrabbit. My background is EAI.

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