Locales vs. consistent builds

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[MOJO-1193] Locale support for formatting dates and times

I wanted to use the Maven buildnumber plugin to generate a date string like “31-Jul-2008” for inclusion in an automatically generated release notes document. This way I could minimize the amount of manual tweaking I need to do when publishing the release.

This was easy enough (though quite verbose) to achieve:


Unfortunately, the resulting date string would be the expected “31-Jul-2008” on one computer, but “31-heinä-2008” (in Finnish) on my laptop. Instead of changing the settings of my laptop I wanted to explicitly set the locale that the buildnumber plugin should use when formatting the date. I wasn’t too surprised that the required functionality didn’t yet exist (it’s quite common for people to forget about locales), but luckily it wasn’t too hard to add. Thus MOJO-1193.

With my patch the required configuration becomes:


Consistency is good.


3 Responses to “Locales vs. consistent builds”

  1. I’d argue that in this case, an ISO-8601 date format (which is locale-independant) would have been the better choice anway :-)

  2. Agreed. Unfortunately I was following an existing template, and changing the technology was easier than figuring out how set in stone the template is. ;-)

  3. I see. I expected there was a good reason :-)

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