Content Technology at the ApacheCon US 2009

In General on 2009-04-27 by Jukka Zitting

I’m putting together a plan for a Content Technology track at the ApacheCon US 2009 in Oakland later this year. The original plan for the track was focused on JCR and related stuff, but there’s some interest in expanding the scope to cover a wider range of things related to content management and web publishing.

The track proposal has been discussed on the Jackrabbit and Sling mailing lists, and people from POI and Lenya have chimed in with interest. I also contacted Wicket, Cocoon, JSPWiki and Roller about their interest, and the initial feedback seems good. Any other projects I should be contacting?

I’m not sure how this works for the conference planners, who are probably facing some real deadlines in terms of fixing the conference schedule and contacting selected speakers. Let’s see how it all plays out.

Update: Added JSPWiki and Roller.


3 Responses to “Content Technology at the ApacheCon US 2009”

  1. I’m sure the Portal guys will want to tune in. (And me, of course :) )

  2. Will you be including the CMIS work from the Chemistry project (

    Additionally, please keep us posted on you ApacheCon plans at CMSWire. You can reach me via the email associated with this comment or via Twitter DM (

  3. The plans for the content track are still in flux, but I’d love to include some CMIS stuff as there’s quite a lot of interest to that.

    I’ll post an update of the plans in a few weeks, and will ping you about it.

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