Commits per weekday and hour

In ASF on 2009-06-04 by Jukka Zitting

The punchcard graphs at Github are a nice way to quickly detect the rough geographical distribution (or nighttime coding habits) of the key contributors of an open source project. Here’s a few selected examples from the ASF.

Apache HTTP Server

Apache HTTP Server

Apache Maven (core)

Apache Maven

Apache Jackrabbit

Apache Jackrabbit


3 Responses to “Commits per weekday and hour”

  1. Hi Jukka,

    I prefer which gives you a lot of information about each Apache project. The schema are easier to read, IMO

  2. I think the jackrabbit graph is spot on. Being in Australia, I can see the same level of activity on the mailing lists; it’s completely silent during the day, until about five in the afternoon, when the European guys come on-line.

  3. It would be nice… if you could tell what timezone the punched cards were for. It seems needlessly inscrutable.

    Hilariously, one developer created a project with a single commit just to find out what the timezone of these graphs is supposed to be.

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