“SIMPLE”.toLowerCase() is simple, right?

In General on 2010-04-12 by Jukka Zitting Tagged: , ,

It turns out that "SIMPLE".toLowerCase().equals("simple") is not true if your default locale is Turkish, but your code is written in English. Turkish has two “i” characters, one with a dot and one without, which throws the above code off balance. The fix is to write the expression either as "SIMPLE".toLowerCase(Locale.ENGLISH).equals("simple") or even better as "SIMPLE".equalsIgnoreCase("simple").

I just stumbled on this issue with Apache Tika (see TIKA-404), and it seems like I’m not the only one.


2 Responses to ““SIMPLE”.toLowerCase() is simple, right?”

  1. oh, everyone hits that once, from then on you learn to use commons-lang for your case work, and to point out the problems to others:

    IntelliJ IDEA can let you flag up any suspect case conversions; would be nice if there was a compiler option to disable case conversion without explicit locale settings

  2. Uuhhm, I guess that’s the reason why they all teach you not to use lower/upperCase conversion methods without a locale. Either Checkstyle or FindBugs even reports this with a warning if I’m not mistaken.

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